Chloé ⨉ Ircam v2 – The Dawn (interactive mix)

Our second collaboration with Chloé is an interactive installation that restages her EP The Dawn as an interactive experience using smartphones. The players collectively create their own mix of Chloé’s composition as a function of their proximity and motion exploring musical and personal affinities.

Listening with headphones, each player embodies a single track of the mix controlled through the device’s inclination. Approaching one another, the sounds blend to a commun mix in the player’s earphones. Wandering about, each player’s mix evolves according to a unique trajectory through the encounters and interactions with others.

The installation has been shown at the opening of the Vertigo project and the Forum Workshops at Ircam in March 2017. It uses the same technology as the ProXoMix experience relying on Bluetooth beaconing to estimate the approximate distance between the participants.

🔗 Chloé – The Dawn (Original Mix)