Hack the Audience @ MTF Berlin

CoSiMa participated at the Music Tech Fest in Berlin with a workshop ¬ę¬†Hack the Audience ¬Ľ¬†featuring the Soundworks framework. In two days, mai 26 and 27, we developed two performances in which the audience participates with their smartphones : MTF Orgy and¬†GrainField.¬†In both performances, the audience connects their smartphones to the CoSiMa¬†Wi-Fi network and visits a given webpage¬†to participate.

In¬†MTF Orgy, each participant controls the intensity and detuning of two harmonics¬†of a distributed additive synthesizer ‚Äď the Orgy organ ‚Äď by tilting their smartphone. The¬†lower harmonics are¬†generated on¬†the PA and the higher ones on¬†the participant’s mobile¬†devices. A musician on stage plays chords¬†on a MIDI keyboard that determine the fundamental frequencies. Other musicians can join the performance. At the MTF performance, we were accompanied by Steve Lawson on the bass.

In GrainField the smartphones enable the participants to play with the granular synthesis of 2 secs of sound recorded from a percussionist sitting in the middle of the audience (see images below). The system records every second 2 secs¬†of sound that are¬†send to the smartphones¬†of the audience so that the sound a¬†participant plays with changes every 8 seconds. The¬†sound generated by the participant’s¬†smartphones can be¬†perceived as a distributed granular echo of the percussionist’s performance without any¬†other¬†amplification.

In addition, we presented the CoSiMa project in a brief talk and performance with the audience playing birds and drops on their smartphones.